Sadly Peter Kysel passed away on 30th April 2022 in Prague. He will be greatly missed by his daughter, Tamara, son in law, Nick, and two grandsons, Max & Leo, all his family, friends and all those who were lucky enough to have known him. He lived an incredibly full life with many interesting twists, turns, adventures and significant successes.

He was widely recognised for his positivity, intellect, humour and kindness. We would love to capture your memories of Peter Kysel. If you have a photo and / or memory to share we would appreciate you posting them here. He leaves a huge gap in all our lives and we want to celebrate his life.

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  1. We met Peter in Oxford after we came from Czechoslovakia in 1969. I remember the beginnings in a foreign country, how difficult and exciting it all was…Remember buying an old car together with him, didn’t last too long , very much different vehicle to his latest beauties…When he met Florisse and moved to London we used to visit them often. He was more to me than a friend, more like a brother, always advised, helped , full of optimism. His positive outlook on life was infectious…I cannot imagine not to be able to pick up the phone and have a chat…I am – as he would put it – “flabbergasted “. Rest in peace, my dear friend

  2. Oxford 1969

  3. Prague 2022

  4. Tamara wedding Prague 2009

  5. Prague before wedding 2009

  6. Czech British Chamber of Commerce AGM, London 2022

    • Happy ski days

  7. saying goodbye from the Targa

  8. Hochkoenig in Austria 2020

  9. Arosa apres ski 2008

    • Dear Peter,

      As a client in the City for well over a decade, you quickly became a most wonderful friend and confidante.

      You advised me on/against many career moves. We debated for hours over many investment ideas, but all too often the intrigue of a bit of office gossip and talk of all sorts of “argy bargy” over a chilled bottle of Chablis soon took priority!

      A sage; full of wisdom, thoughtfulness, advice and help.

      Your infectious enthusiasm for life, mischief and adventure will always be with me, and that glint in your eye when telling of many hilarious mishappenings in office life and your various travel adventure! Also…never one to miss a good party!

      Forever curious and able to see the irony in so many silly situations. I will miss you dearly Peter and will always treasure knowing such a philosophical and thoughtful person as you.

      Rest in peace dearest Peter – a most loyal and wonderful friend.

      Claudine Xx

  10. I will always remember Peter for just how proud he was of Tamy. The photo I’ve included here is at her engagement party – be beamed all night long. To me that is what fathers should be – regardless of the day-to-day grind and the inherent arguments (daughters are not designed to be easy!) underlying it all was unconditional love, acceptance and support. Thank you Peter!!

  11. My wife Sandra and I met Peter in the early seventies when we were all working for a mining and mining finance company called Charter Consolidated. Peter was a refugee beginning a new life in the west, Sandra and I were making fresh starts after previous careers. Peter and Florisse lived near us in north London and we had an active social life.

    Then Sandra and I went to Africa and Peter began his career in the city. As our respective families grew and our new careers progressed, Peter and Florisse moved into their first house in Belsize Park whilst we, back from Africa, moved to Brighton.

    We saw less of Peter and Florisse over the years but still kept in touch and met at least once a year. Florisse was godmother to Claire, our daughter. We followed Peter’s career from a distance and in the press. Whenever we met he was buoyant, positive, generous, witty. Always with a worldly view of the issues of the day, but interested in other opinions.

    I asked him once what the job security was like in the high flying roles he was filling. ” … minutes …” he replied. But you would not have known it from his demeanour. Even during the interregnum between his roles at Lloyds Bank and Commerzbank in Prague, he was not downcast.

    He told us about his prostate cancer diagnosis and the treatment he was going to undergo. It sounded rather as if he had organised it as he would a business project. Meticulously planned and so he said, with a five year guarantee.

    Then one day he rang up – we could hardly recognise him, his voice was just a croak. He told us he had had throat cancer. The only alcohol that doesn’t hurt my throat is Campari he said. We brought him a bottle when we next saw him, but by then thankfully his voice was back to normal.

    Peter was one of our oldest and dearest friends. Meeting him was to be reminded afresh of his intelligence, his generosity, his energy, the breadth of his life experience and his uniquely well informed world view. Sometimes we disagreed on issues, but never ever did we quarrel. We had come to think of him as indestructible and a permanent inspiration for our own lives. He is still an inspiration.

    Page 83 – 032

  12. Peter helped me with economics for Open University; advised me hot to manage my funds on divorce; counselled me when buying a house and supported me so many other ways. A True Friend, much loved and I feel lucky to have known him.

  13. Just a brief note from Peter’s tennis gang, ‘Social Tennis’ at the‘Globe LTC’ on Tuesday and Friday mornings. We all will miss him very much indeed. A fair-minded and encouraging team player whose own ability always enhanced the quality of every tennis game. A sophisticated, old school European raconteur who continually stimulated conversation during our after-play coffee sessions. His warmth, sense of humour and detailed understanding of current issues continually contributed to the debates. Fortunately, we were able to indulge in a four hour lunch at ‘The Groucho Club’ just a few weeks before he passed away which will certainly add to our many positive memories of this fine gentleman.

  14. A loyal and faithful tennis opponent for 27 years come hail, snow or sun. Peter helped me set up our small business in Prague in 1991 and shared his contacts and his dear Czech relations. I stayed with his Uncle Jaroslav during my time in Prague and shared many fun and interesting evenings with Peter and his Czech relatives, Irena, Jaroslav and Vojcek, to name but a few.
    Peter was very proud of his family, both in the UK and the Czech Republic, especially Tamara, who grew into a perfect blend of the very best of both Peter and Florisse, and I had the good fortune to share many happy memories with them all.
    We laughed, we cried, we argued, we agreed and Peter was always supportive, patient and fun.
    He shall be sadly missed but never forgotten.


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