J. Robertson

A very intersting account of life in Czechoslovakia during an … A very intersting account of life in Czechoslovakia during an extremely difficult period, and of the Czech Diaspora after 1968.  


A good read A lively and interesting story about a family, a society and a young man’s coming of age during turbulent political times. For someone who wants to know more about the history and the people of central Europe, this is invaluable.


The real “East Europe” I met Peter Kysel just after he left Czechoslovakia. I had, like most people in “the West” no idea that this quiet, decent, friendly man had been brought up in such an extremely stressful environment, when compared with...
Margaret Beckett

Margaret Beckett

A Good Read “This is a fascinating story of everyday life under the Communist Regime in Czechoslovakia. We learn how the daily lives of ordinary people suffered, and the steps needed to be taken just to survive. I am looking forward to the next volume covering...
Margaret Beckett

Theo B

Fascinating read from Peter Kysel “A brilliant book charting a remarkable period of history. Kysel is a real raconteur, Age of Storms is packed full of interesting anecdotes, and actually, despite the subject matter, a crackling sense of wit and humour. For an...
Margaret Beckett

Ms Jane A Ripley

Full of wonderful warmth and humour “This is a fascinating, immensely readable tale, of someone growing up in Czechoslovakia at the end of WWII. It is engaging and charming in its honesty. What is most fascinating is the relating of the author’s...

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